WANTED: eBay.PH Scammer Anna Giron

Blogger's Note: This is a copied post from my previous blog host which was suspended because according to them I terminated their blog terms and conditions. Buti na lang I was able to back up so please read as this will serve as a warning to online buyers.

Date of Post: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 07:17:30 http://fasyonista.wordpress.com/?p=1037 --- Started online shopping back in 2003. And throughout those years, I’ve been scammed not once.. but twice! :( Let me take you back to the scamming incident that happened 3 months ago back in March 2011.

It all started with this ad from eBay Philippines Facebook page.

After seeing that post from eBay, I decided to check out the sellers page. Sellers eBay ID is heiress.bella (she has 50+ positive feedbacks) and most of her items have a low starting bid.

One of them is this gorgeous pair from Miu Miu.

 Knowing that I love shoes, of course I had to place my bid. Please take note of the date, March 31.

 Less than 24 hours after bidding, got an email that I won. If I’m not mistaken, auction was supposed to end by April 2, 2011.

 Seller ended the listing earlier which I found really odd since the item she’s selling won’t sell for only Php1000. Its Miu Miu for christ’s sake!

If you’re a follower of my blog, you would know that my lola died that weekend. I immediately texted the seller and told her I can’t deposit payment asap ‘coz of what happened and that gcash payment will be delayed by 1-2 days. In fairness naman to her, she was cool about it. Nag reply din siya with her condolences. Immediately after my lola was laid to rest, went to Megamall with my Aunt just to send her the payment via gcash. And as usual, after sending payment, I forwarded her my shipping details but got no acknowledgement/reply. At this moment, I’m getting a little worried that I got scammed already.. told myself to just wait and if she doesn’t contact me within 12 hours I shall report this incident to Globe Telecom. And that's just what I did… :| So if you got scammed online AND sent payment via GCASH, here’s what you need to do:
  1. Call the gcash 24 hour toll free hotline number (2882) from your Globe/TM mobile or (02)7392882 and report the scamming incident. The CSR needs to verify a few stuff lang and will immediately block the said gcash account. If you report at the earliest time possible, Globe might be able to hold/block the money you sent.
  2. Once blocked, CSR will now request you to file and pass your notarized Globe Gcash Complaint form in the nearest Globe Business Center. You have 48 hours to file the said form. Failure to do so will result to the un-blocking of the sellers gcash account. You may download the form here.
  3. Once complaint form received, all you have to do is wait. Investigation takes 10 working days or more. Results will be emailed as soon as possible. In my case, its delayed and took around 20 days before I got the result ‘coz of the Holy Week holiday.
So by April 28, 2011 (a month after the scamming incident), I finally got the result from the investigation…

The scammers name is KARA JOANA STEPHANIE VILLEGAS GIRON. She lives in 1191 A. Francisco St. cor. Arellano Ave., Singalong, Manila. For those who want to view her profile in Facebook, click here. But for those who want to see her face…

Scammer is well known as ANNA GIRON. Did my own research and found out that she has other usernames in eBay. One of them is yourbabysbarn. She also has an account in TipidCP under boinkboink1226. In multiply, her username is karsgonzales. Her number is 09277558445. I’m not sure how long she’s been doing this but some sellers told me that she was having financial problems before/after her mom died of cancer.
Sorry Anna, but if you’re reading this.. I’m really happy that your mom passed away. ‘Coz if I were your mom, I’d be disgusted to have a daughter like you. I’d like to think of it as karma. You steal from people and now God has stolen something back from you. You deserve to lose your mom.
Why did I post this just now? ‘Coz I have no time to go directly to the NBI office just to file the complaint. They don’t have office naman every weekends. Pffffft. Also, I’m tired of reading about other buyers getting scammed online. I believe in the power of the internet, so if you’re an online seller/buyer who got scammed, I would appreciate if you share this blog post to your friends.

P.S. I wanted eBay to do something about this incident. ‘Coz if they didn’t promote that ad in the first place, I and other users won’t be placing bids.. I didn’t even bothered reporting my case because they don’t have a physical office here in Manila. But if in case you got scammed for amounts higher than Php5000, I think you’ll be able to get a refund from them but then may bawas na ‘coz there’s a processing fee worth Php1000+++.

P.P.S. I was able to get my money back but that won’t stop me until she gets punished for what she did to us.

UPDATED: January 14, 2013 -- Out of boredom, I google her once in a while. I make sure that people get to read this post to serve as a reminder. She's obviously still out there, probably scamming a few more people. I noticed that she activated her FB profile once more. Here's what she looks like now:

Ganda mo sana teh kaso magnanakaw ka...


  1. Beware Vincent Magsael selling online after he's got the never heard from again.

  2. Never send your payment through Western Union or the remmitance agency. Always pay though Paypal.

  3. Vincent Magsael he's has many account on eBay selling iPhones, iPad ect. Most wanted Vincent Magsael.

  4. I got scammed by an eBay seller who was trying to sell a 2 unit iPhone for P50,000. I’m an eBuyer for 10 years and it’s my first time to be scammed. Vincent Magsael.

  5. Katrina Cruz - eBay Philippines scammer
    eBay ID - aaa2017cutie_1
    she sells bags, very aggressive in asking you to send payment, then after getting your money thru Cebuana, LBC, Mlhuillier, Palawan Express, you won't be able to reach her. Then she'll close her eBay account.
    Details she gave:
    Katrina Cruz
    Kaunlaran St., EMP Village 1, Marfori Heights, Davao City, Davao del Sur 8000.

  6. Baware Julie Anne Navalesca! Ebay philippines scammer..
    From Rizal Puerto Princesa. Don't be fool with this bitch.