WARNING: CashCashPinoy Sells FAKE Goods

I've heard horror stories the past few years about different local deals site we have in the Philippines. I didn't mind them that much coz they sell mostly the usual items like powerbanks, perfumes, flatscreen TVs, etc. Last week, one of CashCashPinoy's (CCP) ad caught my attention:

This is probably the first time I saw such deal for a Clarisonic.

Just to give you a brief background about the said brand. Clarisonic is the #1 cleansing brush recommended by dermatologists, estheticians and spa professionals, transforming the skin care industry, one pore at a time. They have different types of cleansing brush depending on the needs of your skin. They're really expensive (prices range from $150-$300) but got a lot of positive reviews despite having a hefty price tag.

To make the long story short, I gave in and bought one in an instant. Don't judge me guys, I'm only human na gustong makamura.

Anyway, before clicking the buy it now button, I had problems paying for the item. I'm used to either using my credit card or Paypal for online transactions. Unfortunately for some weird reason CCP does not accept both so fastest option for now is to deposit or transfer payment. Please take note that dragonpay asked me to transfer payment within 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES. WHAT. IS. NAGMAMADALI. As seen from my screenshots above, I submitted order form around 3:14PM and transferred payment by 3:23PM.

Two days after sending payment I finally had time to pick up my package. I even uploaded this photo in my bragInstagram account 'coz I cannot believe that I own one after lusting over it the past 3-4 years now. Ang saya di ba?

I've seen videos and reviews of the Clarisonic Aria and I cannot wait to try it on my face. So while waiting for it to charge, I was busy browsing my Twitter timeline and saw retweets from @helgatheweber's account:

Naparanoid ako bigla. Check out her entry here.

There were a few red flags, one of them was the sample cleanser in blue. Most unboxing vids had one but in white. Slowly but sure na r-realize ko nang, "SHET. Na-peke ako ng CashCashPinoy!"

My last resort to check the authenticity is to register the product directly with Clarisonic. The moment I saw the phrase "Lot code is invalid!" wala na. Nasira na ang araw ko. :(

Of course my first reaction was to report the incident through their website's online chat service. Since my purchase was covered by their return policy, I now have the option to get my refund by crediting said amount in my CCP account or wait for 30-45 days for them to deposit the cash in my bank account.

30-45 DAYS?! Are you kidding me?
I transferred payment in less than 10 minutes!

I returned the item ASAP and I'm expecting to get my refund between the first or second week of March 2015. I will post updates soon but for now, WAG NA KAYO PLEASE MAMILI SA CASHCASHPINOY.


  • January 25, 2015 3:00PM: I cannot access the voucher (I guess they removed it from my account) they gave me so I can only post the remaining screenshots I have from my email.
  • January 26, 2015 11:00AM: I got a call from CCP's Shaira and clarified that the 30 days is the max number of days to complete transaction. Refunds usually take a minimum of 2-4 weeks.
  • February 10, 2015 2:30PM: I finally got an email from CCP's Cheng that they've deposited my refund to my bank account.

To make the long story short, they sell fake goods and took almost 3 weeks to get my cash refund.
Never ever buying stuff from you again, CashCashPinoy! TSK.


  1. Hay I thought they already changed because of the same issue na umabot sa korte. Last year, I also returned a fake Happycall pan and a defective sony watch at yun lang ang narefund sa akin sa dami nang inakala kong orginal bags since hindi naman ako marunong kumilatis. Hayzzz.

  2. Hi Mumay! They just replaced your item? Walang cash refund?

  3. Horrors! Ang kapal ng mukha nila ilagay sa ad na authentic tapos japeyk pala. Sharing this.

  4. sa shoes din ba? I just ordered ked. 1799

  5. Hi Joan! Not exactly sure if all items are fake. All I know is that I'm never ever buying any branded stuff from them. Food GCs pwede pa siguro.

  6. Hi Czarina,

    Thank you for the review about the Clarisonic deal and we apologize about the quality of the said product. This is already under investigation. As we are in the business for 4 years, we strive to bring the best to satisfy our customers through any means. We definitely do not patronize such counterfeit items.

    With that, we would like everybody to know that we created an in-house help desk where users can freely report if the item that they received is believed as counterfeit. Here is the link - http://www.cashcashpinoy.com/trademark-protection/

    Gilbert Bermudez,

  7. Hi Gilbert!

    Thanks for the response. Good to know you're doing something about counterfeit items being sold online.

  8. Ang daming fake kaya. Mga China crap. Nakakatakot tuloy bumili na. May babybliss products na gusto ko.

    I only buy food vouchers and some travels. Usually naka sale naman talaga yung product pag punta mo sa shop nila. hehe. lokohan. I'll buy the Watson's version instead.

  9. Omg bakit ngayon ko lng nakita ang site na ito .. :( mukhang naloko na din ako ng CCP , ngbayad ako sa courier nila na ngpunta sa office ng 2,050 for a bottle of pure cleanse (30 caps) sale eh, ng confirm naman sa email ko na wait daw for 3 days sa delivery pero one week na wala pa yung item ko at halos araw araw ako ng follow up sa support chat nila na doesn't really help at all. nakakalungkot lng kasi hard-earned money mo tpos lolokohin ka lng

  10. Hi. i came across your site because i think i just got scammed. I posted a pair of dr martens in a forum. People began informing me the pair was fake. So pissed. What's their return policy? Cant see it in their site. Thanks.

  11. Hi. i came across your site because i think i just got scammed. I posted a pair of dr martens in a forum. People began informing me the pair was fake. So pissed. What's their return policy? Cant see it in their site. Thanks.

  12. Hi Again Czarina,

    As for your visitors' comment about your review, I apologized if you have any difficulties in transacting with our website. As we are a legit company, we take issues and criticism as a way to improve our business.

    @erab if you won't mind you can send me an e-mail gilbert.bermudez[@]cashcashpinoy.com about your issue and I'll assist you.
    @flight here is the Return Policy Page of our website - http://www.cashcashpinoy.com/#!/deliveries/sreturns

    As for the future visitors of your blog, for inquiries/comments for the company you may contact support[@]cashcashpinoy.com

    Gilbert Bermudez

  13. Ay naku..manloloko talaga yang CASHCASHPINOY. Nagbebenta ng item na wala naman pala. Almost one (1) month na ako nag-follow up sa item ko at wala pa rin. Meron chat support na FOREVER USELESS. Mahiya naman kayo CASHCASHPINOY. Kakarmahin din kayo.

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  16. Mr. Gilbert we dont need your appology. I think ill be one of those victim ng cash cash pinoy. I putchased geneva watch i paid it laat sept. 10, 2015 ready for pick up on sept 15. I waited till today sept 16 to make sure na nandon na ung item. While waiting your staff yold me na sir wala pa dinidiliver kasi dito un eh. Sabi ko dapat kahapon pa nandyan na un eh. And after a few minutes i rcvd a call from cust. Support sabi i didiliver nalang daw. Di naman masabi kung kelan...... huh you guys are scam your selling items kahit out of stock na. You should change your name from cash cash pinoy to gasgas pinoy or cash cash nalang dont use pinoy nakakahiya kayo.....

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  18. I encountered one too.. I bought a Kipling bag and its definitely a fake.. This happened around 5 months ago... They told me that actions are already being taken for their merchant.. However, that fake itme is being sold... Hahaha! And I was so foolish to still keep the credit in my account and gave hopes that they are going to fix it... Guess not!!!! Now, I am having trouble which one is to purchase as I don't trust anything they sell there anymore.... Never trust CASHCASHPINOY!!!!! Fake Seller!!!!

    - Gledzelle

  19. The triumph lace bra I received is fake! I already emailed them regarding this and so far no reply yet:( they're claiming 100% authentic daw all their items. Definitely not.

  20. I bought an Mk bag before, and I think it's authentic kasi kinompare ko sa bag na nabili ng husband ko abroad. And just this week, I had a recent purchase, a Ralph Lauren bag, unang kita ko pa lang alam ko ng fake ito. An authentic Ralph Lauren bag is not selling bags with broken stitches, db? So I sent email to but they are claiming that they are not selling fake. but i said, im still sending it back. this is my last time to buy from them!

  21. I should have read this blog 2 weeks ago. I made a purchase from them, MK watch, which I'm still waiting for the delivery. Kinakabahan na ko kasi mag to two weeks na, wala pa rin certain date na sinasabi. And dame ko ng follow ups, ang last lang na sinabi saken eh hinihintay pa din nila sa merchant nila. And mas kinakabahan pa ko kasi nga baka fake ung item. This was the first and last that I am going to buy from this site. And believe me this company is going down, sobrang dame na pala netong naloko. I am going to report this on DTI and my bank, and if ever, I will file legal complaint against them para mahinto na tong scam na to.

  22. Do not buy any branded products from ALL group bying/deal sites! They are all FAKE! This is because they do not buy these items themselves but rely on "suppliers" who inturn sell these replica items. The company itself is clueless about this since they are not aware or have the capacity to know fake from authentic. Secondly, there is absoulutely no way they can ask the prices they are offering for authentic goods... price is cheap coz its FAKE!

  23. Hi can anybody tell me if the guess bag ccp is selling authentic?