HOW TO: Ordering a NIKEiD

When you run out of gift ideas for someone, just customize!

I've been dating the same guy for 11 years now and to be honest there are times when I have no idea what to give him during special occasions. Sometimes it helps when you ask what they want to get but then I'm not really that type of girl. I'm always up for a challenge.

My boyfriend and I meet like once a week (swerte na if he agrees to go out on a weekday!) and when we're not traveling we just go to malls for lunch or watch movies, usual stuff that lovers do. We love window shopping too, especially for shoes.

I remember a time when he was checking out pairs from the Nike Kobe 9 line. He says he "needs" new basketball shoes (yeah right, we all need new shoes! haha) so he eventually got himself this design. Photo from

So back in February 2015, Kobe 10 was announced by Nike. I decided to order one from Nike Japan (why Japan? It's cheaper than Nike US) because I was scheduled to fly there last March for the cherry blossom season. Plus, it was Paolo's birthday that month so I thought it would be a great idea to give him his first NIKEiD shoes. :) So how much did it cost? Roughly around ₱8,500 which was cheaper thanks to sudden drop of Japanese ¥.

Coolest part for me was adding his name on the tongue of the shoes. Haha.

I had to wait around 40 working days (that includes manufacturing and delivery to my Tokyo address) for the shoes but that's ok because my boyfriend loved it! ;) How about you guys? If you were to give someone (that you've been with for more than a decade) a gift, what would it be?

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