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As of this writing this post, we all have exactly 79 days before Christmas, are you done shopping for gifts? If not, then check out USkoop Philippines!

USkoop is the only online shopping portal that allows a shopper to buy from any of their selected online merchants and have their items shipped direct to their homes at no extra charge. If you're an online shopper based in the Philippines, you and I both know that items take forever to arrive. Unless of course if you're shipping with the big couriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, just to name a few.

With USkoop, all you need to do is search for an item online, copy and paste the URL to the USkoop website, checkout and wait for your items to arrive.

One of my favorite online shopping sites is Let's say I want to get this Tommy Hilfiger large duffel bag for my boyfriend. First step is to copy the link from the website.

Go to USkoop and paste the link on the search box located above the 'Register Now!' link.

After searching, you will be redirected to another USkoop page where you'll get a final quote for the item you wanted to buy. Notice that the shipping rate is inclusive of shipping fees and other taxes. ;) Once you're ready to checkout just click the 'Buy for Me' link.

USkoop currently offers a 10% discount on shipping and handling, just enter the promo code USKSHOPTEN%. New customers also get an automatic ₱300 discount for their first purchase.

After checking out, all you need to do is to wait for your items to arrive. All items are delivered via air and takes around 10-15 working days to arrive in the Philippines. That's definitely faster than using those balikbayan box services from other websites.

With USkoop, you no longer need to worry about credit card acceptance outside your home country, no need to pay US Sales Tax, and no need to use a US shipping Address. There are multiple payment options too! But the best part is doing a single checkout from different US online stores.

Since Christmas is fast approaching (plus I have exactly 172 days left before my wedding day), check out the top 5 wedding shoes in my wish list that I plan to buy using USkoop:

Here's an additional shopping tip: When checking out websites, go ahead to the clearance sale. Try to buy from brands that are not available locally. If they are, call the store and ask for the price, for comparison purposes. I always have this feeling of exclusivity when I get to buy something that's not available locally and the best part is I bought it at a discounted price! ;)

Moving on, I just wish USkoop adds more website to their list of merchants. Other than that, USkoop is definitely one of those website that offers online shopping convenience at the comforts of your own home. ;)

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