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Welcome to 4823908th blog in the world wide web, Fasyonista.com. My name is Czarina Maye but you may just call me Maye for short. I’ve been blogging since early 2003, my teenybopper CandyMag days. Yes, I’m a proud member of TEENTalk. Check out my profile here. If you noticed, I have 7000 forum posts which makes me one of those active members back then.

But times have changed. I grew up, moved on to StyleBible.ph where I worked as an intern back in 2008. StyleBible fueled up my love for fashion that’s why I decided to start a fashion blog last December of 2009.
Fasyonista.com originally was my site to sell clothes, accessories or other vintage items but sadly I became busy with work as well as my other blog, The Travel Junkie.

Fast forward to December 2013, I am currently self employed occasionally working as  graphic artist/photographer and sometimes a blogger. You may check out my online portfolio here. I’m still into selling my personal stuff as well as things I see from trips abroad, follow The Personal Shoppers on Instagram. For now, I keep myself busy travelling around
world Asia. I’m also active in social media so you may follow me on Twitter.

Please say hi if ever you see me. Don’t worry, I don’t bite. *wink*

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